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Our Thaipants are made from a natural undyed fabric of 50% hemp and 50% cotton, very soft to the touch, with a thickness that almost feels like a towel.  They are tied with a 4cm flat strap attached at the back of the waist. If you are unfamiliar with this type of trousers, please refer the wearing instruction in this page.

The loose fit and comfortable design make them perfect for relaxing wear, whether you're unwinding at home or practicing yoga, taichi or gentle exercise. Enjoy the simple beauty and comfort of natural fibres with our Thaipants.


SKU: SZ240001
  • (cm) Length Waist 
    M 100 ~110
    L 105 ~116
    XL 110


    * All measurements are approximate
    * The length is from the waist band to the bottom of the leg