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Our Himalayan Nettle Kurta is handcrafted from the finest nettle yarn, handspun and handwoven in remote villages of eastern Nepal. This undyed shirt perfectly illuatrates the natural beauty of this truely organic fibre and provides a unique timeless feel that is rarely seen in today's garments. The nettle fabric is a little thicker and heavier than our hemp cotton kurtas, but as with all natural fibres, the fabric will gradually soften through wear. These shirts are a classically simple design with a buttonless keyhole neckline and have been designed to be a loose fit therefore allowing air circulation on hotter days. 

Please allow some variation in the natural shade of the nettle yarn used as all stages of production are by hand without using chemicals.

Himalayan Nettle Kurta

SKU: SZ1527
  • In order to remove maximum shrinkage, all of our fabric destined for clothing is machine washed at 60°C prior to tailoring. We still recommend a 30°C wash for all tailored garments as a precaution, for both further shrinkage and fading of the natural dye colour.