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From harvesting, retting and hand spinning the hemp fibre through to the completion of the fabric on a backstrap loom is a very time consuming process.

Our hemp fabric comes from various artisans within different remote villages, therefore width and length tends to vary, but we choose only fine quality hemp rolls.

These organic hemp rolls are in total harmony with nature and provide a timeless rustic feel to many craft applications. Ideal for a wide variety of home interiors, tapestry, bags and accessories.

In order to keep postage rates both fair and realistic, there is an extra charge of £3 for UK, £6 for Europe and £9 for the rest of the world added to this item due to its weight.

If you are interested in a sample of this fabric, we have this available in the option box. Samples are approximately 10cm x 10cm. Please bear in mind that there can be variations in tightness of weave and shade between rolls.

1 roll average 3-3.5m
Width average 30-40cm

Warp & Weft : Hemp

Himalayan Hemp Fabric Roll

SKU: SZ091210