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The fabric has been woven using hemp for the warp threads and silk for the weft. This blended fabric, that softens beautifully through wear, has been used for both the undyed lining and the natural dyed outer. The quilting between the outer and lining is 100% silk.

The Chanchanko comes in two earthy colours, Pomegranate green and Indigo blue. Both have an Acacia brown border. Although tailored for children of year 1 to 3, we couldn't wait and have rolled up the sleeves for our 9 month old boy (pictured), and he kept wearing it till he was Year 5.

For 1 to 3 years old

Length: 37cm
Chest: 80cm
Arm hole: 36cm
Collar to cuff: 30cm

Fabric: 50% Hemp, 50% Silk
Quilting: 100% Silk

Natural Dyes
Green: Pomegranate peel
Blue: Indigo leaf
Brown: Acacia resin

Bacchako Chanchanko

SKU: SZ1601