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Add a natural touch to almost any craft project with our selection of natural beads.
With four styles to choose from, they are an ideal choice for natural fibre crafts, accessories and garments.

Peach stones are something we have all seen at some stage of our lives, but the novel use as a bead fits in well with our organic ethos. The peach stone beads come on a string of 5 for £1.90.

Sopanuts are not native to the UK, so may not be familiar to many. We use soapnuts, also known as 'Ritha', as a neutral cleaner after natural dyeing and love the smooth matt black seeds that you find inside the nut. These seeds come on a string of 10 for £1.50.

Rudraksha trees are also not native to the UK and have unusually textured brown seeds. Used for centuries within the Hindu religion, we're delighted to make them available for craft use. Rudraksha seeds come on a string of 5 for £1.50.

The wooden beads are crafted from a Nepalese vine and come on a string of 5 for £1.50.

Due to the raw material's texture and the handmade nature of these beads, some variation in tone, size and texture may occour.

Natural Beads

SKU: SZ121219
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