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Our portable yoga mats are made from linen and cotton canvas. The striped fabric is woven from different natural shades of linen and the backing fabric is made of durable cotton canvas dyed with either myrobalan for gray or indigo for blue.
A thin layer of quilting provides plenty of comfort while minimizing weight and volume. The two long cords function as a simple carrying strap by wrapping the mat around and tying them together in the centre, making it easy to carry and store without the need for a separate carrying case. 

*The natural dyed backing may have an uneven colour as it is fabric dyed by hand. 

Linen Yoga Mat

SKU: SZ1705
  • Stripe : 100% Linen
    Backing : 100% Cotton
    Filling: 100% Acrylic

    Natural dye
    Grey : Myrobalan
    Blue : Indigo

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