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This fabric is available minimum of half a metre lengths. All multiple orders will not be cut into seperate lengths, but left as a continuous length.

Please be aware that this fabric is loomstate, that means it has come straight off the loom. It is strongly recommended that this fabric is pre-washed prior to tailoring as a small percentage of shrinkage is to be expected.

From harvesting, retting and handspinning the fibres through to the completion of the fabric on a handloom is a very time consuming process. Nettle fabric is made in various high altitude areas across Nepal, one particular area with a reputation for fine yarn is Sankhuwasava which lies east of Kathmandu. This nettle fabric is from Sankhuwasava.

Himalayan Giant Nettle is famously known as 'ALLO' in Nepalese.
The booklet about Nettle in Nepal is available in store.

If you are interested in a sample of this fabric, we have this available in the option box. Samples are approximately 10cm x 10cm.

Width: Approx. 26 inch/ 66-68 cm
Warp & Weft : Handspan Nettle

Himalayan Nettle Fabric

SKU: SZ111219
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