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Our new breathable quarter sleeve Haori Cardi is crafted from a fabric that is handwoven from a blended Cotton and Hemp yarn (70%, 30%) and natural dyed, making each piece uniquely beautiful with earthy and organic tones. 

This simple and elegant piece is available in one size and one colour only. The natural dye colour we call Meadow Green is made from Indian indigo extract and myrobalan fruit for the warp and pomegranate peel for weft. The fabric is yarn dyed prior to twill weaving to provide a sturdy thickness for enjoyment throughout the year in the U.K.
With its no button design, the Haori Cardi offers an effortless slip on and off experience, making it perfect for the cool UK summer evenings or layering during transitional seasons.

Haori Cardi

SKU: SZ240004
  • One Size Only, Small - Medium

    Length : 80cm
    Bust : 112cm
    Armhole : 50cm
    Sleeve : 40cm
    Shoulder : 42cm

    * All measurements are approximate

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