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These hats have been hand crocheted in Nepal using either hemp, nettle, linen or a mix of hemp and cotton.

To provide rigidity to the brim and allow for personal shaping, there is a metal wire inside the outer edge of the brim. This great sun hat can be packed flat which makes them ideal for travelling and those holidays in the sun. To help them last for many summers to come, the wire shouldn't be folded.

Hemp or Nettle - These are both hand spun yarns creating an uneven thread with a rustic character. Both the hemp and nettle are found in the foothills of Nepal, where harvesting, retting and hand spinning the fibres are all done by villagers.

Linen - This is a machine spun yarn from India. The tightly spun fibre forms an even yarn giving a neat look to the crochet work.

Hemp Cotton - This is simply the mix of a hand spun Himalayan hemp and machine spun Indian cotton. Both individual threads have been crocheted together.

Hemp Cotton Wide Brim - A wider brim version of the hemp cotton hat.

Head : approx. 55-57cm
* Although these hats are unique due to being hand crocheted by individual artisans, they are suitable for the average head size.
Brim : approx. 7cm / 9cm (wide brim)

Crochet Sun Hats

SKU: SZ2012