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Our new Balloon Pants are tailored from a fabric handwoven using two yarns. One a  blended Cotton and Hemp (70%, 30%) and the other a handspun Himalayan Giant Nettle yarn. The combination of these two different yarns creates a a fabric with a rustic stripe and texure. Available in two earthy tones, undyed natural white or natural dyed blue from Indian indigo extract.  They are lined with natural undyed linen that gives you extra warmth and protection.  A simple classic fastening with a draw string at the waist allows you to adjust for a comfortable fit to your body.
These pants are totally breathable and comfortable, making them perfect for all-day wear. The relaxed, roomy fit ensures that these pants are kind for most body types, offering maximum comfort and mobility. With a stylish and versatile design, these Balloon Pants are the perfect choice for a casual day out,  a relaxed evening in or even a gentle stretch session.  Enjoy the simple beauty and comfort of natural fibres with our popular Balloon Pants.

Nettle Stripe Balloon Pants

SKU: SZ240003
  • These garments are designed to be worn as a loose fit that allows plenty of movement as these fabrics are handwoven and delicate.

    (cm) Length Waist Ankle
    S 90 ~102 32
    M 95 ~105 33
    L 100 ~110 34
    XL 105 ~115 35

    * All measurements are approximate
    * Ankle mesurement indicates around the bottom of the leg